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Day fifteen and still deep in lit review reading. Maybe a thousand pages in, so, halfway there? I don’t even know. There’s a lot, and it’s intense. When you were a kid, did you ever spin around and around and around really fast to make yourself as dizzy as possible?…

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As Aristotle argued in Poetics, audiences are moved by great drama: in tragedy they experience pity and fear, which undergoes katharsis… this term of Aristotle’s is invariably mistranslated: it means not purgation or purification (the usual translations implying something is wrong with emotions) but clarification – coming to understand one’s own emotions…

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Genre disruption

The West is about exteriors… Every time you walk outside you’re reminded of where you live. That landscape is always there. – Craig Johnson So I went to Western Reboot, and I had a  lovely time, and I have OPINIONS, oh yes I do. First let’s get some expectations out…

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Peek into process

Straight from my journal this morning, basically no editing. This is what the inside of my brain looks like. There’s a liminal space between conceiving a novel and starting to plot it, the story is all smoke and moving air, seeming to take form but taunting and dissipating, over and…

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Coming back to life

Depression is a kicker, y’all. This was the summer of not realizing how deeply, cripplingly depressed I was until I had started to recover and clean up the messes all around me. I knew I was in a pretty black place before the fire, and there was a lot of…

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Tight POV is fun.

I’ve been thinking about how and why I write in multiple tight third person POV, doing a lot of metaanalysis as I (FINALLY) wrap up the last few scenes in Cathedral. What I’m in the middle of right now is a ranging, nighttime, winter gunfight amongst the warehouses and factories…

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