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Oh FFS haven’t we done this already?

Ranty. There’s some buzz developing about Julie Murphy’s forthcoming YA book, Ramona Blue, which is about a lesbian-identified teenager who develops romantic feelings for her male best friend, prompting her down a “maybe I’m actually bi” path of self-examination. The problem apparently is with “lesbian-identified,” because that self-characterization on the…

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Good days

(originally posted at terribleminds, lightly edited for reposting) Veterans Day one year ago… John and I installed the new washer we’d bought on Saturday. Talked about the wedding we were planning in August, sketched out some deadlines. We went through the few pictures we had, realized his ex-wife still had…

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Discretion and valor

It’s interesting. My coworker and I were talking the other day about how, in this, the loudest, most vicious, divisive, gut-driven election cycle in living memory and perhaps ever, it is also, in some ways, the quietest, most nonconfrontational, most self-contained election cycle I can remember. I work in a…

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A virtuous death

A few nights after Robin Williams died, John and I sat down and watched James Lipton’s magnificent Inside the Actors’ Studio interview, originally aired on June 10, 2001. It wasn’t the first time; both the show and that particular interview were old favorites, but it took on a special poignancy then. By…

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