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Life with dog.

Me: *gets up to refill coffee cup* Zelda: WHATCHOO DOING? Me: I’m just going to the kitchen. Zelda: I FOLLOW. Me: You don’t need to follow me. Zelda: I HALP. Me: … Zelda: YOU GOT COOKIES? Me: Nope. Zelda: YOU GOT COFFEE, YOU GOT COOKIES. Me: No, just coffee. Zelda:…

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End of summer

I haven’t posted a Friday Gallery in weeks (and it is not Friday) but I did go for a nice walk with the dog this morning, and autumn is in full swing here in Denver. My first autumn. Two hundred miles south of here, on the edge of the desert,…

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Social media housekeeping

Just a little meta update – I’ve decided to self-publish the Sanctuary trilogy, and the production and marketing machine is starting to get its wheels under it. I think it’s important to tighten up a consistent profile before things start happening on the public-facing side. Not a makeover, just a…

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