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Tasting seasonally: citrus recipe roundup

How is it possible that January is half over? Cooking in the first half of the month has fallen into two categories: recipe testing for the 16th-century Spanish dinner I’m cooking for 100 people in March, and home-from-work-get-something-on-the-table. So I haven’t played with this theme as much as I’d like.

To remedy this, I spent part of my lunch break browsing FoodGawker for intriguing possible recipes. Fifteen minutes, people.

Pomegranate and Citrus Vinagrette from The Honour System

Grapefuit Brulee from The View from Great Island (I am so doing this with my last oroblanco for breakfast tomorrow!)

Also from Great Island, Meyer Lemon Roast Chicken (I have no Meyer lemons, unfortunately – I kept an eye out when I was in Denver, but did not hit the yuppie grocery that was probably the best bet. I’m perfectly happy to try this recipe with regular lemons.)

Tangerine Topsail from Life on the Bayside (what IS it with all these ocean-view blogs and citrus?) later in the month using the homemade vanilla vodka I started last weekend.

Lemon-Clementine Chutney from All Four Burners

For the last two weeks of my wheat elimination diet:

Flourless Chocolate Citrus Cookies from Adventures in Cooking

Gluten Free Cranberry Orange Muffins from foodfanatic

Flourless Vanilla-Citrus Cake from Mangia

For the breaking of the gluten fast:

Citrus Glazed Gingerbread from The Fountain Avenue Kitchen

Lemon Cream Scones from On Sugar Mountain

After about five years of keeping up a 300+post-per-day RSS stream of Tastespotting or Foodgawker (or, for a short time, both), with varying levels of success, I removed Tastespotting from my feed. I used to just sit for a couple of hours a week browsing through the feed and bookmarking, but just don’t use the sites that way anymore – I’m much more likely to go to them when I’m looking for something specific, as with this morning. The fun thing is that this leaves my food feed much more manageable (I have about 2 weeks worth of unread posts right now, and that dropped from over 1500 to 52) , and I’m more likely to actually read posts like these treasures:

Michael Ruhlman on the tactile experience of cooking

Chicken Posole Verde from Homesick Texan

Ken Albala on extreme preserving, and aged eggnog – unfortunately, without a recipe. I must find a recipe. This is happening for next year.

Aki and Alex, pushing back on the “set it and forget it” school of cooking, and this tantalizing photo of a ridiculously decadent tuna melt on a bagel – again without a recipe. Thoughtful, high-concept food bloggers! Please consider sharing your secrets! (I think I can puzzle this one out. But still. )

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