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Heirarchy of Need

After survival, community, and creativity.

I realized this morning that I’m on track to hit my winter food prep goals easily, with room to spare, and it was like a switch flipped in my head and I started thinking for the first time about fun stuff.

I’ve just added a sidebar with my staple targets; in addition, so far I’ve put up

  • 1 gallon refrigerator sauerkraut
  • 1 fifth cherry-vanilla cordial
  • 1 big ziploc bag of frozen dill

This morning’s tally makes 53 meals worth – almost two months of food – ready for winter right now, with another six or seven trips before the end of the season. It doesn’t scan exactly (for Italian beans and greens, one of our favorite winter dishes, I’ll use both beet greens and tomatoes; but I also won’t use preserved stuff every night, and a few things will last for several meals) but I’m treating these as basically meal’s-worth portions. I’ll have no trouble hitting these goals, but the other goal I set for myself at the beginning of the year – starting to stock a “magic pantry” of small-batch fun stuff for giftgiving – I haven’t even begun on.

While searching Punk Domestics this morning to find this pickled beets recipe, I thought it might also be fun to make this one, or this one, with golden beets. I have no idea how many bags of frozen peaches a case will make, but I’m thinking about buying one case to freeze (for winter baking ) and one for canning play. I still have some peperoncini from last year, but Cubanellas are cheap and it would be fun to make more for gifts; and the okra from two years ago is gone. I might have time to do some wildcrafting in September. Maybe I’ll just spend a couple of slow afternoons this month spamming my Pinterest friends with PD and Tastespotting links.

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