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Golden kitchen

Light on a whitewashed wall, coming through a western exposure window at four in the afternoon, striking with stunning luminance to ignite a complex golden glow. The “light in Italy” effect, the color of autumn afternoons, liquid gold. I’ve wanted a kitchen, painted that color, my entire adult life. Well,…

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“‘a woman must have money and a room of her own…” All of my life, I’ve made do with whatever space I could scrounge for art. I just remembered, out of the blue, that for several years I had a studio set up in a bedroom closet, a foldable drafting…

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This is my favorite part.

I love getting ready for stuff. It’s partly about anticipation, but more about process – the active engagement with a thing in emergence, with plans and stages, learning and research, pieces coming together and that moment when the big picture suddenly snaps into focus. The breathless flurry of the end-game,…

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On the body

Last weekend, I scrubbed my living room floor… and there are few things that will throw one head-first into a visceral appreciation for the lived experience of pre-modern women like scrubbing a wood floor, on hands and knees, in long skirts. (Why would anyone do that? Of course you’re wondering.…

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