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Small but promising…

… that was our first farm market trip of the season. When we moved out here, one of the very first friends I made was the mother of my kids’ friends, a freshly divorced, harried, struggling artist about my age. I spent many afternoons that summer at her house, drinking…

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After 36 hours of slow, drizzling rain, I went outside under scattering clouds and walked through the garden this morning to see how things are doing. I’ve been feeling in frozen in place, frozen in time, watching nothing happen, for weeks now, and suddenly everything’s shooting up like mad.

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Golden kitchen

Light on a whitewashed wall, coming through a western exposure window at four in the afternoon, striking with stunning luminance to ignite a complex golden glow. The “light in Italy” effect, the color of autumn afternoons, liquid gold. I’ve wanted a kitchen, painted that color, my entire adult life. Well,…

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“‘a woman must have money and a room of her own…” All of my life, I’ve made do with whatever space I could scrounge for art. I just remembered, out of the blue, that for several years I had a studio set up in a bedroom closet, a foldable drafting…

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This is my favorite part.

I love getting ready for stuff. It’s partly about anticipation, but more about process – the active engagement with a thing in emergence, with plans and stages, learning and research, pieces coming together and that moment when the big picture suddenly snaps into focus. The breathless flurry of the end-game,…

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