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I am reading Terry Tempest Williams on the train, a dozen roses lying on the seat across from me. Her new book, The Hour of Land, is a meditation on the history and majesty of our national parks, a plea for the future, but also a gift of stories: the…

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Clyfford Still Museum

You become acutely aware of yourself. The world is very large, the sky even larger, and you are very small. But also the world is flat, empty, nearly abstract, and in its flatness you are a challenging upright thing… and vertical in a seemingly infinite plane expanse of horizontal space.…

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Museum adventures

Denver is a fun museum city; it’s not Chicago or New York, but it has plenty to explore. In addition to the big ones – the Denver Art Museum, the Colorado Historical Society museum, the Denver Museum of Science and Nature, the Botanic Gardens – there are scads of small,…

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Gabija quilt teaser

Update to this post: I’m spending a week in Boulder dogsitting a very sweet, very elderly, very funny shiba inu named Flame, and last night in the course of picking up some groceries and generally checking out the neighborhood, I passed a quilt shop. So this happened. If I have…

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