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Tag: colorado

Dunbar’s number, small towns, and recurring characters

I have now twice written a former secondary antagonist into a new story as a reluctant ally. The awkward tension that occurs around these situations is fun to write; one of the things that’s interesting and amusing about a big sprawly ensemble storyverse with a shifting POV is how everyone is the hero of their own story, anybody is a potential future protag, any throwaway character can pop up later in a different, important role – or just another small role, creating a sense of community and continuity over time.

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Because Denver.

Housekeeping: a new tag, “because Denver,” which may be pretty self-explanatory to my friends who live here, but may not be so to readers from elsewhere. This city makes me shake my head and laugh every single day, and it’s a pure pleasure to me to capture it in all its…

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