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As Aristotle argued in Poetics, audiences are moved by great drama: in tragedy they experience pity and fear, which undergoes katharsis… this term of Aristotle’s is invariably mistranslated: it means not purgation or purification (the usual translations implying something is wrong with emotions) but clarification – coming to understand one’s own emotions…

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Genre disruption

The West is about exteriors… Every time you walk outside you’re reminded of where you live. That landscape is always there. – Craig Johnson So I went to Western Reboot, and I had a  lovely time, and I have OPINIONS, oh yes I do. First let’s get some expectations out…

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There was a great post over at Hi, Miss Julie! last week about emotional labor and librarianship, which I thought was beautifully written and resonant and important, and I was quite taken aback by some of the comments (though not really surprised, as such) to some extent on the original…

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