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As the Sanctuary release approaches (formal announcement VERY SOON, y’all!) I’m starting to work on interior design components and researching which fonts to buy, and I’ve mentioned this to a couple of people, and the reaction I’ve gotten has been a consistent and overwhelming 1.) “you have to pay for…

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Beat the Backlist

Confession time. Ok, this is slightly embarrassing. I’m always on about the history and conventions of the genre and the importance of being educated in canon, and I am in fact pretty well-read, but you know, there are just a lot of books. So I’m participating in the Beat the…

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#AnomalyCon Sunday

I know! It’s been three weeks. (It’s been three weeks? Crap.) On the plus side, I’ve had a little time to reflect let what I learned stew in the back of my head, and revisiting it is interesting. The big takeaway from Sunday, of course, was the non-Western religion session,…

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Museum adventures

Denver is a fun museum city; it’s not Chicago or New York, but it has plenty to explore. In addition to the big ones – the Denver Art Museum, the Colorado Historical Society museum, the Denver Museum of Science and Nature, the Botanic Gardens – there are scads of small,…

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Gabija quilt teaser

Update to this post: I’m spending a week in Boulder dogsitting a very sweet, very elderly, very funny shiba inu named Flame, and last night in the course of picking up some groceries and generally checking out the neighborhood, I passed a quilt shop. So this happened. If I have…

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