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Reposting an undergrad piece from 2007 on this quiet Easter morning. How the patterns of our lives do tend to come around and come around again. Linksmų Velykų dieną, y’all. It is Saturday night. Outside, it’s snowing; in the kitchen, bread is rising. Twice rising. Brioche and boule, for sunrise…

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In praise of stuff

This started out as a review of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing (Marie Kondo, 2014) but it went a different place than I expected. I spent about half of the reading of this book thinking, what a pretentious, self-important, deluded little SHIT,…

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Writing routine

So a friend asked about writing routines, spaces, and discipline on Facebook, and it’s something I’ve been kicking around some thoughts about for a while now anyway. I’ve been writing for a long time, with varying degrees of intentionality*, but it has only been in the last eighteen months that…

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Review Shorts: All the Booze

I worry a little that when I post on Facebook about drinking, my friends fret envisioning me sloshed and sad alone in my apartment. That’s not happening, really. What it is is this: John taught me about Spanish wine and British beer and mid-century cocktails, and he was a serious Scotch man, and a good cocktail after work and nice glassware to put it in was something we both really embraced and celebrated about being Fucking Adults Now, Seriously. One of the things we were really looking forward to about moving to Denver was hosting awesome cocktail parties, and we never got there together, but I plan to get there on my own.

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Thinking a lot about processes that work in spirals. Like grief, like therapy. An intensive spell of work, and exhaustion in its wake, and when you finally look outside yourself and look around, you think, “wow, this is so much better. How was I even functioning before?” And then you…

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Because Denver.

Housekeeping: a new tag, “because Denver,” which may be pretty self-explanatory to my friends who live here, but may not be so to readers from elsewhere. This city makes me shake my head and laugh every single day, and it’s a pure pleasure to me to capture it in all its…

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Museum adventures

Denver is a fun museum city; it’s not Chicago or New York, but it has plenty to explore. In addition to the big ones – the Denver Art Museum, the Colorado Historical Society museum, the Denver Museum of Science and Nature, the Botanic Gardens – there are scads of small,…

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Gabija quilt teaser

Update to this post: I’m spending a week in Boulder dogsitting a very sweet, very elderly, very funny shiba inu named Flame, and last night in the course of picking up some groceries and generally checking out the neighborhood, I passed a quilt shop. So this happened. If I have…

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Making a home

Some thoughts on domesticity, space, and material life, spun off of three Apartment Therapy posts in my RSS feed this morning and further Gabija-related reflections. Adrienne reviewed everything she bought for her house in 2015, and wrote about it. Dabney wrote about clutter and sunk costs, and Eleanor wrote about…

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