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Tag: festival

Gabija Day

We’re in a round of holidays, culminating with Gabija Day on February 5. Yesterday was Kirmeline, the Day of Serpents, which is one of those class of old agricultural omen days of which Groundhog Day is a remnant – offerings of milk and bread are put out to entice the…

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Kūčios ir Kalėdos

Baltic pagans have a bit of a funny relationship with Christmas, and to understand why, you’ve got to understand a little history. In the Western Neopagan tradition, which is heavily shaped by a bunch of Brits romanticizing Celtic practice, we’re conditioned to think of Samhain/All Souls’ Night as the new year,…

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Giving thanks.

This year, we’re doing something different. I’m a little bored with traditional menus, and we’ll have family in and out over the course of the day, so I’ve decided to do an all-day sideboard instead. This was a hard year for local food; I was working very long hours and…

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