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Tag: generosity and compassion

Discretion and valor

It’s interesting. My coworker and I were talking the other day about how, in this, the loudest, most vicious, divisive, gut-driven election cycle in living memory and perhaps ever, it is also, in some ways, the quietest, most nonconfrontational, most self-contained election cycle I can remember. I work in a…

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A virtuous death

A few nights after Robin Williams died, John and I sat down and watched James Lipton’s magnificent Inside the Actors’ Studio interview, originally aired on June 10, 2001. It wasn’t the first time; both the show and that particular interview were old favorites, but it took on a special poignancy then. By…

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I am reading Terry Tempest Williams on the train, a dozen roses lying on the seat across from me. Her new book, The Hour of Land, is a meditation on the history and majesty of our national parks, a plea for the future, but also a gift of stories: the…

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Fear will not save us.

  I’ve been thinking for two days now about what I want to say about Orlando. And, at a loss for what to say, I’ve been listening. Listening to friends, to strangers, to the news, to the spokespeople of the community, trying to sort out the threads, find the pattern.…

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Fight the dark

I decided a while back that my purpose – on the internet, in the world – is pushing back against the darkness by raising up beauty, kindness, compassion, and understanding. One tweet, one reblog, one hug, one dollar at a time. So I shared Chuck Wendig’s excellent  Mental Health Awareness…

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Bearing witness

I am watching at a distance right now as an author I admire tremendously is watching her dad die.* This is a woman who has written passionately – and compassionately – about mental health and art, who’s been very public and upfront about her dad’s illness and how caregiving has…

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Remember everything.

I am studying models of information seeking in school right now, and although these theoretical models vary wildly in their details, what they all agree on is this: The seeking, acquiring and internalizing of new knowledge is a deeply emotional, and emotionally fraught, process. We feel it, in our bodies…

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