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Tag: grief


My coworker who has been through the same program I am going through (and had the same hell professor I’m just finishing up a term with) asked me how I’m doing today, knowing that it’s finals week and all that, and I found myself unable to blithely lie but unwilling…

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Good days

(originally posted at terribleminds, lightly edited for reposting) Veterans Day one year ago… John and I installed the new washer we’d bought on Saturday. Talked about the wedding we were planning in August, sketched out some deadlines. We went through the few pictures we had, realized his ex-wife still had…

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A virtuous death

A few nights after Robin Williams died, John and I sat down and watched James Lipton’s magnificent Inside the Actors’ Studio interview, originally aired on June 10, 2001. It wasn’t the first time; both the show and that particular interview were old favorites, but it took on a special poignancy then. By…

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Music and memory

A close friend posted on Facebook last night, Have your musical tastes changed as you age? Have you developed appreciation for music as you’ve grown older that you didn’t love when you were younger? What a fun question! It ties in to thoughts about building playlists for writing and soundtracks…

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I am reading Terry Tempest Williams on the train, a dozen roses lying on the seat across from me. Her new book, The Hour of Land, is a meditation on the history and majesty of our national parks, a plea for the future, but also a gift of stories: the…

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How to fall in love

One of the unexpected aspects of being suddenly single is that I’m finding myself thinking a lot about relationships – the variety of shapes they can take, what it means to be a partner, what I’d want if and when I go down that road again. I learned a lot…

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Fear will not save us.

  I’ve been thinking for two days now about what I want to say about Orlando. And, at a loss for what to say, I’ve been listening. Listening to friends, to strangers, to the news, to the spokespeople of the community, trying to sort out the threads, find the pattern.…

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