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Tag: librarianship


There was a great post over at Hi, Miss Julie! last week about emotional labor and librarianship, which I thought was beautifully written and resonant and important, and I was quite taken aback by some of the comments (though not really surprised, as such) to some extent on the original…

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Beat the Backlist

Confession time. Ok, this is slightly embarrassing. I’m always on about the history and conventions of the genre and the importance of being educated in canon, and I am in fact pretty well-read, but you know, there are just a lot of books. So I’m participating in the Beat the…

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Responsibility to read

AS PROMISED. The other day, briefly checking Facebook first thing in the morning, I saw this article posted to one of my library groups, which exhorts librarians to read diversely, in *ahem* fairly provocative language. I read the article, found it smart and funny and also very serious and interesting,…

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Meta blather

So, just a little site maintenance update. It’s now been four months since the reboot (!) and I’ve got a bunch of new people coming over from Facebook (!!) and am posting pretty regularly (!!!) I’m pretty excited about all of this. I didn’t go into the reboot with clear…

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Remember everything.

I am studying models of information seeking in school right now, and although these theoretical models vary wildly in their details, what they all agree on is this: The seeking, acquiring and internalizing of new knowledge is a deeply emotional, and emotionally fraught, process. We feel it, in our bodies…

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22 weeks

I start graduate school in 22 weeks, and there’s a lot that I want to get done while my time is my own. The weather is gorgeous, the evenings are lengthening, and I’m getting a lot of stuff done. This week: – Spare bedroom cleanout is DONE DONE *does a…

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