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Tag: lietuviškumas

Remember everything.

I am studying models of information seeking in school right now, and although these theoretical models vary wildly in their details, what they all agree on is this: The seeking, acquiring and internalizing of new knowledge is a deeply emotional, and emotionally fraught, process. We feel it, in our bodies…

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Gabija quilt teaser

Update to this post: I’m spending a week in Boulder dogsitting a very sweet, very elderly, very funny shiba inu named Flame, and last night in the course of picking up some groceries and generally checking out the neighborhood, I passed a quilt shop. So this happened. If I have…

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Kūčios ir Kalėdos

Baltic pagans have a bit of a funny relationship with Christmas, and to understand why, you’ve got to understand a little history. In the Western Neopagan tradition, which is heavily shaped by a bunch of Brits romanticizing Celtic practice, we’re conditioned to think of Samhain/All Souls’ Night as the new year,…

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Gratuitous art post

I’m facing the end of the semester, the end of the year, and the move coming at me with frightening speed, and I don’t have much time or clarity to write, but I wanted to share some images that I’ve been obsessing over these last few weeks. At the end…

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