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Tag: meta

Coming back to life

Depression is a kicker, y’all. This was the summer of not realizing how deeply, cripplingly depressed I was until I had started to recover and clean up the messes all around me. I knew I was in a pretty black place before the fire, and there was a lot of…

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Course correction

We’re more than a week into the new year and I hadn’t yet written a New Year’s post. This week has been legitimately hectic – a bunch of social commitments, fifteen extra hours at work, an embroidery commission to crank out on very short notice for a special occasion for…

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Responsibility to read

AS PROMISED. The other day, briefly checking Facebook first thing in the morning, I saw this article posted to one of my library groups, which exhorts librarians to read diversely, in *ahem* fairly provocative language. I read the article, found it smart and funny and also very serious and interesting,…

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Writing routine

So a friend asked about writing routines, spaces, and discipline on Facebook, and it’s something I’ve been kicking around some thoughts about for a while now anyway. I’ve been writing for a long time, with varying degrees of intentionality*, but it has only been in the last eighteen months that…

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Meta blather

So, just a little site maintenance update. It’s now been four months since the reboot (!) and I’ve got a bunch of new people coming over from Facebook (!!) and am posting pretty regularly (!!!) I’m pretty excited about all of this. I didn’t go into the reboot with clear…

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Support Art.

Upon a kick in the butt from Jen Dzuria (best woman-focused professional advice ON THE INTERNET, y’all), in the next few days I’m going to be firing up my old Amazon Associates account, going back through existing posts, and linking existing content, then maintaining it in the future. By the…

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Unwritten pages

New love reads unwritten pages You press them cool against your skin But the words you fill them with Feel like cages You want to start clean again Edie Carey, “The Night” (Another Kind of Fire, 2006) It has been an awful year, with some magnificent shining moments of beauty…

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