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Tag: recipes

Pisto Manchego

I’m not sure how I’ve never managed to post this recipe on this blog, but there it is. I think I may have posted it on Livejournal, lo these many years ago. It’s one of the first Continental Spanish dishes I learned to cook for John, and an enduring favorite;…

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Food is love

And, so, food is self-care. The first few days, I did not understand why my friends kept calling me up and Facebook messaging me to ask if I was eating. John was an esophageal cancer survivor; the cancer and the surgery had damaged both his metabolism and the physical architecture…

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Heirarchy of Need

After survival, community, and creativity. I realized this morning that I’m on track to hit my winter food prep goals easily, with room to spare, and it was like a switch flipped in my head and I started thinking for the first time about fun stuff. I’ve just added a…

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