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Reposting an undergrad piece from 2007 on this quiet Easter morning. How the patterns of our lives do tend to come around and come around again. Linksmų Velykų dieną, y’all. It is Saturday night. Outside, it’s snowing; in the kitchen, bread is rising. Twice rising. Brioche and boule, for sunrise…

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Fear will not save us.

  I’ve been thinking for two days now about what I want to say about Orlando. And, at a loss for what to say, I’ve been listening. Listening to friends, to strangers, to the news, to the spokespeople of the community, trying to sort out the threads, find the pattern.…

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Gabija quilt teaser

Update to this post: I’m spending a week in Boulder dogsitting a very sweet, very elderly, very funny shiba inu named Flame, and last night in the course of picking up some groceries and generally checking out the neighborhood, I passed a quilt shop. So this happened. If I have…

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Gabija Day

We’re in a round of holidays, culminating with Gabija Day on February 5. Yesterday was Kirmeline, the Day of Serpents, which is one of those class of old agricultural omen days of which Groundhog Day is a remnant – offerings of milk and bread are put out to entice the…

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Kūčios ir Kalėdos

Baltic pagans have a bit of a funny relationship with Christmas, and to understand why, you’ve got to understand a little history. In the Western Neopagan tradition, which is heavily shaped by a bunch of Brits romanticizing Celtic practice, we’re conditioned to think of Samhain/All Souls’ Night as the new year,…

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Everything changes

Everything changes. Everything is change, all the time. When I was a little girl I loved nothing at all so much as going down to the beach, standing hip-deep in water, and turning to face the open emptiness. Feeling the rush of sand pulling past my toes, and then the…

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