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Tag: sexuality

Oh FFS haven’t we done this already?

Ranty. There’s some buzz developing about Julie Murphy’s forthcoming YA book, Ramona Blue, which is about a lesbian-identified teenager who develops romantic feelings for her male best friend, prompting her down a “maybe I’m actually bi” path of self-examination. The problem apparently is with “lesbian-identified,” because that self-characterization on the…

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Visibility and subtext

I have finished Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, and I have THOUGHTS and FEELINGS (because of course I do, because Cordelia Vorkosigan) that I need to sit on for a day or two before posting. (note: very mild spoilers below; the next post will be spoiler-heavy.)

But inevitably, one of the things that this book stirred up was a lot of thoughts and feelings on the subject of romantic subplots and sexual diversity in genre literature, and writing sexually diverse characters, and queering tropes and genre conventions. Gentleman Jole is pretty much the polar opposite of Hexslinger in tone, in this regard (quiet, mature, and bemused, as opposed to, ah, raucous, bawdy, and full-speed-ahead-damn-the-torpedoes)*, and my reactions to whatever I’m reading at the moment are often so, so intensely shaped by whatever I read just previously.


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