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Tag: short prose


Reposting an undergrad piece from 2007 on this quiet Easter morning. How the patterns of our lives do tend to come around and come around again. Linksmų Velykų dieną, y’all. It is Saturday night. Outside, it’s snowing; in the kitchen, bread is rising. Twice rising. Brioche and boule, for sunrise…

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Short stories

I’ve always been gone in more for novels than short stories – and series and epic grand sprawling storyverses; reading is an immersion experience for me – but I’m working on that, and also playing around with short-format stuff of my own. Recently I’ve been reading a lot of short…

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Character study

Chuck Wendig is a sneaky bastard. I read this morning’s flash fiction challenge, and thought, “oh, yeah, that sounds fun!” and had this piece halfway drafted in my head before I re-read the post and caught the key point: Then, next week, you will offer that character up onto the altar…

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Why I write

I write to remember. I write to forget. I write to the music that opens my heart. I write to quell the pain. – Terry Tempest Williams, “Why I Write“ All my life, I’ve had a difficult and complicated relationship with writing. It was for years an intensely private and…

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4pm, midweek

I am barely out of the back door of the office and my pumps are suddenly, irrationally oppressive; I stand in the middle of the parking lot and peel them off, start walking, shoes dangling from my fingertips by their toes. It’s hot again. There are clouds building up in…

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