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Tag: travel

Friday Gallery: NOLA

Sorry guys, I’ve mostly fallen off the radar these last few weeks, what with the getting ready to go disappear into the wilds of Mississippi for a week, and the actually being in the wilds of Mississippi, and the trying to juggle catching up with schoolwork and vacationing in New…

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I wake up, uncomfortable, in the dark, surrounded by strangers, and slightly disoriented. I realize that it’s a woman’s voice that’s woken me, amplified, informing us that in a few minutes we’ll be landing in Orlando. I drift back down, and the next time I wake, it’s the lights. And…

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Museum adventures

Denver is a fun museum city; it’s not Chicago or New York, but it has plenty to explore. In addition to the big ones – the Denver Art Museum, the Colorado Historical Society museum, the Denver Museum of Science and Nature, the Botanic Gardens – there are scads of small,…

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Gratuitous art post

I’m facing the end of the semester, the end of the year, and the move coming at me with frightening speed, and I don’t have much time or clarity to write, but I wanted to share some images that I’ve been obsessing over these last few weeks. At the end…

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I have a staycation coming up. I’ve been working a lot of overtime all year, and not taken taken enough time off to balance it out or even use up my vacation, so I’m taking off from Christmas to New Year’s and the rest of the week into the new year. I have some travel plans for the last weekend, but most of that time will be spent at home.

I take a week to ten days off for travel most years, have occasionally taken two days off for pack-prep-and-cook before a major SCA event, and I took a couple of days at home after I finished my BA; but I have never in my working life taken a ten-day vacation with plans to spend most of it at home. The last time I was home for this long, I realize, I was still a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of the tweens who are now young adults.

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