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Tag: winter

Point of view

It’s been a while since my last writing post, hasn’t it? Not that I haven’t been writing! I’m Shopping Sanctuary to agents 70k into the unnamed final installation of the trilogy 20k into the spinoff/prequel (I say spinoff because it’s not so much a setup for the trilogy as a…

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Gabija Day

We’re in a round of holidays, culminating with Gabija Day on February 5. Yesterday was Kirmeline, the Day of Serpents, which is one of those class of old agricultural omen days of which Groundhog Day is a remnant – offerings of milk and bread are put out to entice the…

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Kūčios ir Kalėdos

Baltic pagans have a bit of a funny relationship with Christmas, and to understand why, you’ve got to understand a little history. In the Western Neopagan tradition, which is heavily shaped by a bunch of Brits romanticizing Celtic practice, we’re conditioned to think of Samhain/All Souls’ Night as the new year,…

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Settling into winter

Hello again, after a while away… It’s been crazy since Labor Day, for reasons I will be writing about shortly at the other blog, culminating in a mad rush of a long-weekend mini vacation* in New Mexico with about twenty of my closest friends. I came home to an abrupt…

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Heirarchy of Need

After survival, community, and creativity. I realized this morning that I’m on track to hit my winter food prep goals easily, with room to spare, and it was like a switch flipped in my head and I started thinking for the first time about fun stuff. I’ve just added a…

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Turning toward winter

There seems to be a pattern; I fall away in the spring and come back around Thanksgiving. There’s something contemplative about this time of year, a feeling that’s not quite guilt but some kind of sadness. I never quite manage to find the time to be the writer I want…

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