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Tag: writing practice

Tight POV is fun.

I’ve been thinking about how and why I write in multiple tight third person POV, doing a lot of metaanalysis as I (FINALLY) wrap up the last few scenes in Cathedral. What I’m in the middle of right now is a ranging, nighttime, winter gunfight amongst the warehouses and factories…

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My coworker who has been through the same program I am going through (and had the same hell professor I’m just finishing up a term with) asked me how I’m doing today, knowing that it’s finals week and all that, and I found myself unable to blithely lie but unwilling…

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Writing routine

So a friend asked about writing routines, spaces, and discipline on Facebook, and it’s something I’ve been kicking around some thoughts about for a while now anyway. I’ve been writing for a long time, with varying degrees of intentionality*, but it has only been in the last eighteen months that…

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I am reading Terry Tempest Williams on the train, a dozen roses lying on the seat across from me. Her new book, The Hour of Land, is a meditation on the history and majesty of our national parks, a plea for the future, but also a gift of stories: the…

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How to fall in love

One of the unexpected aspects of being suddenly single is that I’m finding myself thinking a lot about relationships – the variety of shapes they can take, what it means to be a partner, what I’d want if and when I go down that road again. I learned a lot…

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Dunbar’s number, small towns, and recurring characters

I have now twice written a former secondary antagonist into a new story as a reluctant ally. The awkward tension that occurs around these situations is fun to write; one of the things that’s interesting and amusing about a big sprawly ensemble storyverse with a shifting POV is how everyone is the hero of their own story, anybody is a potential future protag, any throwaway character can pop up later in a different, important role – or just another small role, creating a sense of community and continuity over time.

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Meta blather

So, just a little site maintenance update. It’s now been four months since the reboot (!) and I’ve got a bunch of new people coming over from Facebook (!!) and am posting pretty regularly (!!!) I’m pretty excited about all of this. I didn’t go into the reboot with clear…

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